He is a violinist of exceptional ability and a human being of impeccable character, with an outstanding ability to interpret from the heart” (Aaron Rosand)

 “…A very strong leader… a fine soloist, with a beautiful tone, impeccable intonation and rhythm… a fine musicianship and artistic sensibility” (Stanislaw Skrowaczewski)

It was extremely impressive, and I was struck particularly by the Bach Chaconne, which seemed to me to have exceptional maturity and expressive depth” (Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph)

“His technical and expressive abilities, his deep rigour and discipline, and his formidable qualities, are all characteristic elements of his musical professionalism, which makes him one of the most prestigious violinists of Spain. [...] Miguel Pérez-Espejo represents the example of the musician that not only interprets the text previously conceived by the composer in an impeccable and precise manner, but also enriches it by giving it an energy filled life, with poised serenity and passionate confidence worthy of a unique personality” (José Zárate, composer)

A very beautiful album” [...] “Pérez-Espejo showcases an astounding ability to identify himself with the rich Spanish ‘Cancionero’, in its most diverse manifestations, demonstrating tempered sensibility; it is enough to listen attentively to the intimacy and depth with which he performs the sad Nana, the outburst of grace in El Paño Moruno or the dance-inviting elegance in the Jota. The CD ends with various pieces by Sarasate, brilliantly performed” (Martín Llade, Melómano musicmagazine)

“…a luminous artist…” (Paula Robison)

L’Étoile Duo

“Both violinists blended timbre and styles of playing in the ‘BWV 1043’, performing as a real duo, as peers and equals, establishing dialogues and exchanging lines [...] Let’s recall, for instance, the ‘Largo’, in which the legato of one of the violins and the detached bowing of the other created a sublime contrast, at the same time both discreet and captivating” (Enrique Bonmatí, La Opinión newspaper)

In the last of these [works], the nostalgic “Navarra”, he forms an outstanding violin duo with Hsin-Lin Tsai (Martín Llade, Melómano music magazine)

“Johann Sebastian Bach’s music as performed by the violins of Hsin-Lin and Miguel Pérez-Espejo, accompanied by the Saravasti quartet from Murcia, was delightful for the hundreds of people that attended San Bartolomé’s church last night, during the Sacred Music Festival” (El Faro newspaper)